EU reshipper

We help to get goods from European stores, that don't ship to your country.

Shop in the EU and have packages forwarded to anywhere in the world

NO HIDDEN FEES in shipping price. You only pay for the services you order.

To give shoppers from around the world a chance to shop in Europe and ship internationally, we created PARCL .

PARCEL FORWARDING EUROPE. European parcel forwarding service. Buy from European stores and get it delivered anywhere you are!

We will receive your products and you will be able to choose how you would like us to forward them to you. If you want, we can consolidate your products, by putting together several items in one box, helping you save money by paying for only one international shipping.


Buy many products, from different stores, and get them all delivered to your home in one box, paying just one shipping and thus saving a lot of money.


We provide very cheap international shipping rates.


Shop in Poland and European webshops

& get it delivered to your doorstep!